About the SRC

The UPSA-SRC is a students-led organisation, that promotes the pneuma of the school and students’ leadership. Members of the council are elected yearly, in order to perpetuate a fresh perspective and a strong students voice within the University. Members serve as leaders in the University Community, helping to generate and nurture constructive, cognitive and innovative ideas.

The SRC Now

The council is currently led by Majesty Eninfi Ofori and Michael Boakye as president and vice respectively.

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC), acting in accordance with the terms of its charter, plays a part in ensuring the general welfare of all UPSA students. It accomplishes this by speaking on behalf of all students and raising topics that are important for a productive learning environment. This manifests itself in student advocacy through negotiations and lobbying.

The UPSA-SRC, strives to improve staff-student relations by ongoing communication with, university leadership in order to foster mutual respect and trust. The SRC collaborates with other representative student bodies from different institutions to strive toward students’ well-being through being a member of various large student movements off campus. In addition, it fosters friendly relationships with educational institutions and organizations both inside and outside of Ghana for mutual gain.